Academic & Curriculum Board

The primary task of this Board is to manage the academic and curriculum processes, policies and systems of Stamford Learning Centre. Some of the key areas of this Board are as follows:

1) Develop unbiased and transparent policies and procedures for the conduct of courses in Stamford Learning Centre.

2) Identify entry requirements, course duration, graduation requirements and minimum language proficiency for entry into a course of study at Stamford Learning Centre.

3) Assess and approve suitably qualified and experienced teachers to conduct courses in Stamford Learning Centre.

4) To attend meetings every quarter to discuss areas pertinent to the academic area.

5) To record all resolutions, plans, discussions and notes in a minuted format for ready inspection.

Members of this Board are:

Mr Velayudham, Director and Chief Academic Officer
Ms Vimala, Secretary
Mr Rami Khalil
Mr Henry Soh