Appeal Process

Assignments, group work, project work and examinations are part of our assessment system.

Students at ALBM have a clear understanding of the assessment process and graduation requirements to complete their course of study.

ALBM pledges to release all assessment results of each student within 14 days of the student completing his/her assessment.However, if any student is dissatisfied with his/her results, he/she may appeal to the Examination and Assessment Board by writing to the Board on the Appeal Form within 14 days of receiving the assessment results.

The Board will consider the appeal on its merits and pledges to look in to each appeal in an unbiased manner.

The Board will then release its decision within 14 days of receiving the appeal and communicate the outcome to the student as soon as possible. The decision of the Board is final and binding on the student.

The procedure of the appeal process is outlined in the following flowchart: