Transfer | Withdrawal | Deferment Policies

Transfer means a student changes the course of study but continues as a student of ALBM.

Our Administration and Finance Department staffs are conversant with the policies. All record of these requests /approvals/rejections are kept according to our policy guidelines and a copy of this is kept in our students files.

Our policy includes the circumstances, in which the transfer is granted, any additional fee payable, conditions for refund of any fee paid and our processing time and reply to any request for transfer / withdrawal.

1. All request for transfers and withdrawals shall be acted upon only after receiving written request or our prescribed forms such request will be assessed within 7 days from the date of such requests.

2. All request will be dealt with seriously. We will explain the conveyance of such transfer and withdrawal to the student.

3. All students seeking transfer or withdrawal will be counselled to find out the reason behind the requests. We will try to convince the student to continue their studies with us. No coercion will be used.

4. If student's reason for transfer or withdrawal is solid, we will proceed to submit the requests to Management for consideration

5. Students will be informed of the outcome of the request within 7 days.

6. Students who transfer from one course to another within ALBM are deemed to have withdrawn from the course and the conditions for withdrawal with cause will be applicable.

8. Students who withdrawn from the course are deemed to be under the “withdrawal with cause” applicable under our Refund Policy.

9. ALBM will then inform and keep ICA posted.

10. International students are reminded to hand over their student pass to the school immediately, upon them ceasing to be student of ALBM, for cancellation of their student pass.

11. Transfers will only be allowed if the following conditions are satisfied:
The student fulfils the academic requirements for the new course
The student is able to complete the course within the stipulated duration.
International students have to apply for a new student's pass application and the transfer will come into effect only when the student's new student pass is approved by ICA.

12. If student transfers to a course within ALBM, the tuition fee is transferable but the Student is required to pay the difference upon the transfer being affected.

13. If the difference is in favour of the student, the school will refund the student in accordance with our Refund policy.

14. ALBM will issue an official letter to the student to reject /approve the transfer/withdrawal within 4 weeks.