Student Redress, Feedback & Grievances Process

To help to serve you better, we value the feedback from parents, students and other concern people. Feedback may be in the form of complaints, compliments as well as suggestion for improvements.

We have put together an effective system to address the feedbacks as soon as possible. Your feedback will be taken seriously and you will be notified of the status and actions taken by the school.

All complaints and grievances forwarded will be confidential.

Procedures for handling feedbacks:

Acknowledge within 3 working days
Start investigation and verification if necessary.
Respond to the person within 3 working days to update on the follow up actions.
Resolve within a maximum of 7 working days.

If the solution given is not satisfied, you can take up the complaint to the Singapore Mediation Centre. If matter is still not resolved, complainant is directed to bring up the issue to the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators - Its decision is final.