Agents Selection Criteria

ALBM requires the services of external students recruitment agents in countries where we have a presence and interest, to promote our courses, dispense the required information to the potential students and to undertake the documentation process to bring students to our College in Singapore.

Our criteria to select potential agents are as follows:

You will be required to submit the following documents for admission application:

Agents must have a registered company in their country of origin
Agencies must be a registered entity with their respective Registry of Companies (ROC) or equivalent in their country of origin
Agencies must have a competent track record (documented) of recruiting students for the international education market. This track record should be for a minimum of 6 months. New agencies with no track record must submit at least 3 references of exiting agencies to support their application to be an accredited agency with ALBM
Agencies must pass a yearly assessment done by ALBM with a rating of at least 60% to quality for another 12 months of contractual agreement to recruit students for ALBM. Any weaknesses in agency systems must be rectified within 30 days.