Service Guarantees

1. The students in our school are our highest priority. Therefore, we will at all times, guarantee the highest quality of customer service as well as to deliver quality academic programmes to all our students.

2. We pledge to assist our students in their quest for an enriching educational experience.

3. We pledge to serve our staff, stakeholders, students, customers, members of the public, the media and other publics in a professional manner.

4. We pledge to recruit, train, monitor and evaluate teachers who are academically competent and experienced.

5. We pledge to undertake evaluation, feedback and other forms of suggestions to continuously improve our policies, procedures and systems.

Service Quality Targets

1. To resolve any complaints, if any, within 7 days.

2. To encourage feedback from all stakeholders and to use this feedback for our continual improvements .

3. To settle any refunds within 7 days.

4. To settle transfer / withdrawal / deferment requests with 7 days.

5. To review our policies and procedures once a year.

6. To respond to any querry from statutory organisation, public and media within 3 working days.

7. To provide all assessment results within 2 weeks of assessment.

8. To settle any dispute within 7 days.