Pastoral Care

Pastoral care and career guidance is the systematic and comprehensive provision of care for the total well-being and development of all pupils. Our Pastoral Care is tailored to ensure the needs of all students in terms of the holistic well-bring and development of all students. Our Pastoral Care complements our students' academic, physical and relinquish education and oversees the students' overall progress in these areas. It is concerned primarily with a student's personal and social development. It is also concerned with a student's conduct in school monitoring student's academic work and encourages character development, enforcing discipline and offering guidance and counselling.


ALBM wishes all students to receive a holistic education, feel care for and valued. It also aims to provide pastoral care which encourages and reinforces this
Our Pastoral Care aims to impart positive values and instil good traits in our students. We do not discriminate against any student.
Students can contact our Pastoral Care teacher for any guidance or advice.
Students have the exclusive right to confidentiality. No information pertaining to student's personal details give to the Pastoral Teacher shall be divulged to any third part without the written consent of the student or guardian. However, this right may not be valid in the event of medical emergency or statutory obligations.
All parents/guardians will be kept informed of services issues revealed during our Pastoral Care sessions.
All staff, academic and non-academic, are part of our Pastoral Team
In the event of any external agencies assistance is required like Drugs counselling services, College will make the necessary arrangements.
Parents may contact individual teachers or the Pastoral Care Teacher to communicate particular concerns.

Pastoral Care Activities

Parents meet sessions (every quarter)
Talks by School Counsellor on the social-emotional aspects (every quarter)
Communications skills seminar
Leadership Skills Seminar
Social Responsibilities and Environmental Concerns / Sports ( every month)

Pastoral Care Procedures

ALBM conducts pastoral care related workshops, seminars and talks for all its students.
All students are required to attend these talks.
Students who have personal social-emotional, financial, health or other problems may approach Mr Sheikh, our Pastoral Care Teacher.
Parents may communicate directly with our Pastoral Care Teacher for any assistance related to their children.
Students who wish to seek counselling may approach our Student Affair Department for a free referral to our School Counsellor.
All Pastoral Care related activities and counselling sessions will be documented and filed for reference.

Pastoral Care Process & System