Environmental Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in contributing to the well-being of our environment. In line with this guiding principal, we have introduced the 3R effort- Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. All staff are encouraged to recycle, reduce wastage and re-use materials in our bid to reduce pollution, wastage and indiscriminate abuse of our environment. We also use environmentally-friendly photocopying paper and advised staff to use more emails and to cut down on unnecessary photocopying of notes, documents and forms.

Our CSR philosophy is to be an environmentally-friendly education provider to support our community and its causes to alleviate poverty, educational inadequacy and assist the less unfortunate.

Community Involvement

In line with our CSR, ALBM works closely with the following VWOs in providing assistance in the form of student involvement in community-oriented projects such as Flag Day, food assistance to the needy and assistance rendered to needy children.

Singapore Tenkasi Muslim & Association
Sree Narayana Mission
Family Life Centre

Student Co-Curriculum Activities

ALBM believes in providing a holistic educational environment to all its students. Students are required to take part in CCA on the third Saturday of each month. These activities range from sports to serving community causes such as blood donation, helping out at welfare homes and voluntary participation at Flag Day.

Staff Activities

All staff, academic and non-academic are encouraged to take part in our CCA activities. Staff programmes like talks, seminars and workshops on environmental awareness, social issues and fund-raising events are organised periodically to give staff a deeper sense of community involvement and to instil a strong bond of camadarie amongst them.